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Ligowave Point-to-point Unity 28dbm 220mbps

Technical Details:

  • 5 GHz PTP bridge, ideal for:
    • Dedicated Access
    • Backhaul
    • Private networks
  • Flexible center channel and channel width capability
    • (20/40 MHz) for throughput optimization
  • Radio rate of up to 300Mbps
  • True aggregate throughput up to 220 Mbps
  • Advanced proprietary W-jet MiMo 2 wireless protocol
  • High packet-per-second (PPS) rate – ideal for VOIP backhaul applications (140000)
  • Low packet latency (2ms)
  • Great spectral efficiency (7.5 bit/ Hz)
  • ARQ (Selective Repeat) for very high throughput
  • Dynamic TDD for allocating bandwidth in real-time to the direction needed
  • Integrated dual-polarized antenna (2 N-type conectors for the LigoPTP 5-N UNITY product)
  • 2nd Ethernet port used to bond two links together
  • L2 and L3 QoS support
  • PoE built-in for single cable installation (802.3 af compatible)
  • 2 x 1000 BaseT Ethernet ports
  • 28 dBm (per chain) integrated radio
  • Advanced security technologies
  • Comprehensive management features Web GUI
    • Command line management via SSH
    • WNMS server support for configuration
    • SNMP V1/2/3 with traps supporting MIBs:802.11, 802.1x, MIBII
    • Syslog support
    • Compatible with LigoWave link calculator
    • Real-time alerts
  • Rugged articulating bracket solution for multi-facet mounting
  • OLED screen for antenna alignment
  • IP-67 compliant

LigoPTP PRO introduction on YOUTUBE

LigoPTP PRO product sheet info pdf 

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